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The definitive measure of an individual is not where they stand when times are good, but the actions they take during challenging and controversial times for the good of all citizens. I believe I am that individual who can make those hard calls and why I am running as the Republican candidate for New Mexico State Senate District 5.

I am a New Mexican, a retired educator, and a Hispanic who understands the Hispanic language and culture and has lived and worked in two cultures. I am a mother, a grandmother, a wife and a business owner, with my husband, in Chama New Mexico. I am a former Human Rights Commissioner appointed by both Governors Bruce King & Susana Martinez.

I am a political outsider who will not fear to take on the career politicians in Santa Fe. My efforts at the capital will include that our district and all New Mexicans are represented and that their voices are heard. My personal convictions regarding accountability and transparency at all levels, is undisputable. I welcome the opportunity to share my thoughts, and listen to yours, pertaining to my position on accountability within our state government. Your thoughts and concerns are valuable. Together we can address your concerns and devise a plan to benefit all of us and not a select few. I wish to hear your thoughts and request you contact me at 855-215-8646 or email me at Diamantina4NMsenate@gmail.com.

As your Senator my number one priority will be New Mexico’s children. Currently, the last thing on anyone’s mind is politics. But as previously stated, I do not run from a challenge or a controversy. Once this medical pandemic has been overcome, united we will get our economy back on track. I believe my strong leadership, my conviction and my strong dedication to serve you; we can be stronger and more united than in previous times. I need your support! Stand with me! I want to win this election to be your voice as your Senator in Santa Fe.

Due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19), fundraisers to support our campaign have been negligible and face to face public meetings have been out of the question. I am asking you for your financial support to represent you. Please contribute here and send your thoughts to: diamantina4nmsenate@gmail.com

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