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Joshua Flynn - The Man, The Husband, The Family Man, The Entrepreneur and The Community Leader. Joshua Flynn humble beginning starts with two loving and devoted parents whose commitment to better serve the Austin community in leadership and addressing the concerns of the people overall. The root cause of Mr. Flynn being humble was instilled in him in church through his father pastoral duties serving the public and teaching the good word throughout the community. Whenever there was a lack in the community The Flynn's household falls in line and is ready to serve. Following through his parents footsteps Joshua Flynn made serving the community a generational practice with his family and made it a family affair with every step of service. While Mr. Flynn roots and humble beginnings that actively serve the community. Apart from his parents instilling more than just being humble to others and loyalty to his community. They wanted Mr. Flynn to be highly educated and knowledgeable to properly inform the community he serves in Austin. Joshua Flynn received his Baccalaureus (B.A.) in business at Jarvis Christian College. He graduated Simeon High School with accolades in athletics and academic honors. Mr. Flynn academic standings does not stop there with his knowledge on community and world affairs with a specialty in comprehensive business which lead him with an entrepreneurship spirit in insurance. Again, following in his parents footsteps Mr. Flynn started and continues to be an entrepreneur by creating his own business in insurance claims. He has assisted thousands of families throughout Cook County to receive life insurance and other insurance claim needs. For over 20 years of service, Joshua Flynn entrepreneurship remains strong along with his commitment to the Austin community which he loves tremendously. Mr. Flynn guidance, knowledge and leadership soars like an eagle through community adversities which led him to serve on several boards in the Austin community and servicing throughout the 78th District by volunteerism. He currently serves on the board of Northwest Austin Council (NAC) and Community Assisting Policing Service (CAPS). He is a board member of United Front Organization, The 25th Police District Explorers (Scouts) program and Junior Craft Mason Organization. Joshua Flynn is married with a lovely devoted wife Ramona Jackson - Flynn and two children.

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