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I became a civil engineer because I believe if you are going to be anything, you'd better be polite about it! Now as I seek your support to become an Orem city council member, I politely ask for your financial support, please. Your donations will not only help me spread the word about our shared goals but will also get more voters involved in the conversation on how to make Orem a better city.

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I said please, now allow me to say thank you! As a civil engineer, I know anything meant to last has a solid foundation and continuous support. Thanks to your generous donation, we are on our way to building a better future for Orem. If your schedule allows it, I invite you to join me at one of my public events so I can personally thank you for your contribution. More importantly: Don't forget to vote in the upcoming elections! I have provided helpful information and links below on how to register and vote in the upcoming elections: "The 2019 City of Orem Municipal Elections will be conducted by an all Vote by Mail (VBM) election. All active registered voters will be mailed a ballot approximately 21 days prior to the election(s). That would be July 19th (if a Primary is needed) and October 11th for the General Election. It is important that voter registration information is current because only active registered voters will receive a ballot. Are you registered to vote? Not sure? - Check https://secure.utah.gov/voterreg/index.html Have you moved but haven’t updated your information for the DMV and voter registration? - Check https://secure.utah.gov/voterreg/index.html If you have voter registration questions, you can call the Utah County Clerk’s office at 801.851.8109 For mailed ballots to be counted, they must be postmarked the day BEFORE Election Day. (Monday) The City of Orem has added 2 BALLOT DROP BOXES at the Orem City Center (56 North State Street) for your convenience. Northside along 100 North – next to the Library and Utility Drop Boxes Southside in the south parking lot – next to the Postal Box. Drop Boxes will be checked and emptied daily. You can drop off your ballots up to the close of Election Day (8:00 pm Election Day)"