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Hi there, my name is Chelsea and I'm running to represent Idahoans from Legislative District 10 in Caldwell. Over the years I have watched the needs of everyday Idahoans be ignored by those in power, and special interests prioritize over of the people, regardless of the impact. I’ve never been one to sit by idle, this trajectory we’re on must stop, our Idaho communities deserve better. I'm running to represent families who are working hard and still struggling to make ends meet, business owners that are struggling even more because of this pandemic and teachers who are rightfully scared and feeling unsupported. I’m running to represent Idahoans who want to plant roots here, but worry about navigating a path that will allow their families to thrive. I want to help create opportunities for young folks so they can afford stay, while honoring and ensuring our elders are not forgotten. Too often we see common sense ideas stopped in their tracks because of special interests- or the good ol’ boys club in power. We can do better, our future demands it. I'm running to bring reason and logic back into the Idaho Legislature, to work together and find common sense solutions to the problems our communities are facing. Your contribution will help me ensure I can talk to voters across the district, and to folks who should be voters, but have been disenfranchised. The pandemic has definitely been an interesting barrier to navigate, but I know with your support we can win. Can I count on your support?

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