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As Governor, Major intends to restore the essence of what California truly is and address policy that will make life in California the best it can be for all citizens.


“We need someone in office that thinks differently in order to solve complex issues. As we run this campaign, it is our goal to educate the public on the depth of policy that has been passed so that they may see for themselves all of the details and caveats which have slowly eroded our autonomy and freedom as individuals. We will make policy with the best interests of the public in mind and not pander to the big pharma and other industries that now have their hands in the pockets of our politicians.”


As a successful entrepreneur, Major has the ability to effectively reform our institutions, create jobs, and make California a better place to live.


“I have the unique ability to walk into a room of a variety of ethnicities and political party affiliations and gain consensus through conversation.”


Under his leadership, Major Williams will bridge the divide between Californians, guide them to the right path, and usher the State to a new bright future.

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-Major Williams

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