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I’m running for office because far too often it seems that our district here is a completely forgotten part of the State. Whether our challenges are measured by staggering rates of unemployment, crippling housing foreclosures, drugs, or violent crime, our home – continues to find itself on the wrong end of prosperity and safety. I want to change that. I’ve often been described as determined and a fighter. I am. I would like the opportunity to fight for job creation and safer communities for us in Washington. I know that I am a politician unknown and I may look young, but I believe that people are tired of career politicians. I am ready to be a part of the change that we desperately need. Working together, we can connect our neighborhoods with the resources in D.C, for our needed address and restore our cities.I intend to spend the coming months knocking on doors getting to better know your concerns. I want to arm myself with the grassroots knowledge needed to serve you effectively in Washington. I’m asking now that you support me Shalira Taylor for U.S. Congress I intend to be the voice that we all so desperately need. God Bless.

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