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A nation's most basic obligation is to protect its citizens from otherwise avoidable violations of their inalienable, human rights. Starting with the Clinton Administration until now, the U.S. legal system has become increasingly susceptible to selective enforcement. In other words, whatever enlightenment our nation has undergone since its inception (and enshrined through constitutional amendments, domestic laws enacted pursuant thereto, as well as international human rights treaties) is rather easily rendered for naught. Over the last 30 years, avoidable gaps have been honed into America’s anti-corruption mechanisms (including appropriate U.S. judicial oversight and fair/accurate major media coverage) such that the U.S. legal system can be weaponized against anyone with ease, leaving the powerful and ruthless free to do so as they regularly do with impunity. America faces no greater challenge over the next decade than ridding itself of this human rights crisis in accord with the U.S. Constitution and international human treaties made part of U.S. federal law upon ratification.

Reverend Errol Victor, Sr.,

Candidate for U.S. Representative

for the 5th Congressional District (R-La) 

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